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Error: Minor Vacuum Leak

This also applies to bad test result for Vacuum Leak test

Follow tubes, look for possible breaks that can cause leaks.

Clean tray rubber
Clean bottom of the chamber where the rubber touches

Start a program with vacuum

When vacuum level reaches top (1-2 minutes) start observing the vacuum value.

Test 1: Push the table with your hand, if the problem is here clean more or change rubber

Test 2: If you have recently changed the heater or did any work on inside the chamber, open it again, clean it, when vacuum starts, apply force with your hand and push it. Tighten it.

If there is a problem reaching the top vacuum level, also check with a different known vacuum pump to see if the problem is with the vacuum pump.


Vacuum Calibration

Stop the program if it is running!

1. To calibrate you need to press your finger on the logo image on the left corner of the touchscreen. Keep pressing for 10 seconds till opens an adjustment page with an orange background.

2. Press VACUUM CALIBRATION button in the middle at the bottom.

3. Now you have the SETTING page for vacuum. Press VAKUM ON and wait 5 minutes until vacuum rises around 600-800 mmHg

4. After the vacuum has worked for a while, enter 980 below and press VAKUM SET. The vacuum is now calibrated. Press the X symbol on the top right corner to come back to the home page.

Error: Major Vacuum Error

Error: Major Vacuum Error check list

1. Check the pump cable plug if it fits in the socket properly

2. Connect power cable directly to pump cable to check if the pump works

3.See if the O ring seats in the place accurately. Press the ring evenly as you put it on the table upside down. It is a good idea to use some baby powder if the ring is sticky.

4. Activate the lift upward using the arrow on the screen. Make sure that the plate closes tight when lifted. If the vacuum pump doesn’t start, push the plate upward slightly with your fingers to activate the lift switch and the pump. When the lift closed the furnace spring system must work for an accurate touch of surfaces to prevent the vacuum leak. Lift adjustment may be necessary!.

5. Start a program to check if the vacuum is rising on the green bar. You must get 200 mm at least. If not, vacuum calibration is necessary.