Noise from Valve

First make sure the noise is not from the SSR.

1. Electricty low?
2. Make it tighter?
3. Let in place, do not remove connections, only open top, clean.
4. If it’s too dirty inside, remove from place and clean.
5. Replace

Check Voltage First

This can happen when the voltage is low. Both SSR and Valves will make nosie if the voltage is not strong enough to pull and keep the inner shuttle of the valve.

The valves can make a noise when vacuum is on. They also make noise when the vacuum is off in intermittent run while there is vacuum in the chamber and the valves are holding the chamber vacuum.

Possible problems and solutions.

  1. The valve is not tight.
    Try to tighthen the top bolt if it is loose.
  2. The valve got dirty inside.
    You must open and clean the inside of the valve. Do not remove the valve from its connections and locations. Only open the top.
  3. The Valve is clogged inside
    If there is visible residue in the valve, like muddy/liquid formation, then you must remove the valve and clean it, and if necessary replace it.

Cleaning Method

Use an ear pick/cleaner (plastic stick with cotton on tops) Spray the cotton with WD-40 or cellulosic thinner.

Gently clean the tip of the shuttle and its counterpart.

If replacement is necessary, always check voltage first before replacements. Some furnace versions have 24 Volts valves, most recent furnaces have 220 Volts valves.


How to avoid problems 

If this problem repeats, check the customer location. Dirt and dust will harm the pump and valves.

There are many harmful materials used in porcelain work, like baby oil, for example. Advise customer to use a pre-heating oven and dry all work.

This can increase valve, pump, heater life span from 2 years to 10 years. (That is + %500)

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